Once the war’s avoid, Ty Lee created an effective functioning relationship with additional Kyoshi Fighters

Ty Lee and you may Sokka spotted both again shortly after Ty Lee was launched out-of prison adopting the end of the Hundred-year Conflict. From the Zuko’s coronation, she appeared just before your, dressed up while the a Kyoshi Warrior. Sokka implicated this lady of antagonistic objectives, however, Suki showed that Ty Lee had entered the lady group just after making-up together with them during their imprisonment. By this part, she got also reconciled with Suki, Sokka’s most recent spouse. [8]

Kyoshi Warriors

Ty Lee and the Kyoshi Warriors was pure foes when you look at the battle. They basic encountered each other in the a forest where warriors had nursed a lost Appa back into fitness. By using this lady nearest and dearest, Ty Lee outdone the brand new warriors playing with chi blocking. She taunted them of the saying, “You aren’t prettier than just we are!” Following competition, she and her household members took a number of its uniforms, disguising by themselves because the partners out-of World Kingdom to penetrate and get Ba Play Se. [9]

Shortly after joining up with Mai and betraying Azula following the battle, Ty Lee is actually imprisoned as well as the attentive Kyoshi Fighters. If you find yourself with her, the girls fused collectively, towards the warriors forgiving Ty Lee on her behalf previous strategies. Immediately after she instructed him or her a number of instruction to your chi blocking, they desired her to join its class, an offer she cheerfully accepted. [7]

Following the battle ended, Ty Lee along with her the brand new class have been put-out out-of jail, where she manufactured together with her former adversary, Suki. Ty Lee became the only outsider, except that Sokka, to become listed on the newest Kyoshi Fighters. She stated during the Zuko’s coronation since Flame Lord which they had been gonna be “best friends permanently”. [8]

[10] However, around 102 AG, she began to matter the lady put on the group and consider of stopping because it produced her feel like the lady home existence as an element of a combined lay, several some one appearing and you can acting a similar. Despite the lady concern about shedding this lady individuality, Ty Lee noticed that additional warriors was particularly sisters to help you the woman which sometimes it is best that you have the support away from a team. With the knowledge that even with the similarities, they were including other and therefore she might take of the girl makeup once in a while, she stayed toward class, continuing the good thread. [2]


Despite the dramatically varying characters, having Ty Lee saying an outbound, amicable character instead of Mai’s stoic, extremely arranged manner, Mai is Ty Lee’s companion and you may vice versa. Even after taking part in a prank Azula invented so you’re able to embarrass Mai, [12] the 2 handled a strong relationship, targeting the strength of the matchmaking. Ty Lee occasionally teased Mai for her break into the Zuko, [4] a relationship she indeed encouraged. There was dissension among them on certain activities, like whenever Mai pointed out that Ty Lee called for the latest love out of 10 boyfriends on account of this lady not enough youthfulness notice, a statement one damage Ty Lee deeply. [1] It doesn’t matter, Ty Lee however presented high support so you can Mai. Whenever Mai deceived Azula and protected Zuko countrymatch profiles on Boiling hot Material, the newest Flames Country princess expected this lady reasons for the woman tips and ready to duel Mai. Sensing her friend was in possibility, Ty Lee unhesitatingly proceeded to help you cut-off Azula’s chi to help you rescue Mai, herself betraying this new princess to which she got before found tremendous devotion. The 2 girls were imprisoned towards Azula’s instructions [7] however, have been create following the stop of your own war. [8]

Pursuing the Hundred year War’s completion, [8] Ty Lee and Mai handled an effective friendship, even after not-being together all of that usually. As such, Ty Lee and the Kyoshi Fighters readily headed Mai’s request to include Zuko’s protection following the several risks generated against his existence [13] and you can are accepted because of the Mai in order to kiss her.