He together with would not accept that the rap artist is gay even after well-known clues quite the opposite

Riley Freeman ‘s the deuteragonist of one’s 2005 Mature Swim animated Tv series The fresh new Boondocks. He’s Huey Freeman’s younger sis and you may Robert Freeman’s youngest grandson. He or she is an 8–year-old just who emulates the fresh new gangster lifestyle. The guy and others aren’t refer to him since “Riley Escobar”, “Young Reezy”, and you can “New Fundraiser”.


Riley was particularly shown with much time cornrows braided into straight back. He’s got brown sight, wears a light tank ideal, blue trousers, reddish timberland boots otherwise the guy often wear a white tshirt with an excellent maroon long arm shirt beneath it such as for example the guy did within the particular symptoms during the seasons you to. The guy appears identical to Huey Freeman on face as one another of your own brothers look-alike. Inside seasons 3 event New Fundraiser, he football more clothes.

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Riley was a highly impressionable 3rd grader. The guy embraces this new stereotypical “gangsta” life, doing his best to promote the new metropolitan people regarding comparing area out of Woodcrest. Dependent on the latest mass media through rap sounds and tv, the guy frequently uses worst sentence structure, and you will is likely to protect his idols although their imitations wade up against a wise practice and you can righteousness. One example try his support regarding R. Kelly inside the “The new Demo off R. Kelly”, even after daunting facts showing Kelly’s guilt, Riley believes the guy should not need to overlook his 2nd record album due to Kelly gonna jail. It is then found in the “The storyline from Gangstalicious Region dos” where he gowns from inside the effeminate outfits only because Gangstalicious developed the build. In order to after that emulate the life-style he praises, the guy accumulates airsoft firearms and you will labels house, since the showed in the “A garden People” and you may “Riley Wuz Right here”.

Riley seemingly have a reasonable level of unlawful aptitude, as well as showed when he helped package the fresh new kidnapping regarding Oprah Winfrey, and additional showed of the his criticisms off Ed Wuncler III and you may Gin Rummy because of their shortage of criminal see-just how from inside the “Let us Nab Oprah”.

Even with their pretensions quite the opposite, Riley can be as wise since their sibling. A number of era, he’s shown to be really resourceful and you will practical, and “beats” Tom, a location attorneys, during the a disagreement more than Roentgen. Kelly’s confinement and you will demonstration. Possibly on account of idolizing the fresh gangsta hiphop existence the guy seems to have a quantity of street smarts maybe just like the great as their brother, usually in a position to impact situations courtesy lying and you will contrary therapy. That he refers to as entering another person’s “intellectual attention”. Riley is fairly brash and can even will enter points instead provided earliest, along with and make him a dilemma creator. They are along with a bit rebellious and won’t listen to somebody, particularly Huey and you may Granddad. He or she is brutally sincere to the stage of being really impolite.

Riley overestimates himself very. Trusting himself becoming phenomenally skilled from inside the baseball but in reality that have no particularly skill. A comparable are noticed in kickball.

Riley generally seems to take great fulfillment during the poking enjoyable within most other people, either to the point in which Huey otherwise Robert need certainly to hit him and come up with your stop, regardless if including disciplinary methods will often have zero effect on their decisions. He as well as keeps grudges; he has a good grudge, like, up against Santa claus to have not getting your just what he wanted to possess Christmas time back https://datingranking.net/de/judische-dating-sites when the guy lived in this new ghetto, and you may went as much as so you’re able to stalk and you may violence Shopping mall Santa’s that have airsoft weapons (“An excellent Huey Freeman Christmas time”).